Ergonomic Chairs: Read This Before You Buy

So you have finally decided to make the leap out of a traditional chair to a more ergonomic alternative. Congratulations! You are well on your way to relieving your pain, improving your position, and strengthening your heart.

If you do an internet search for "ergonomic chair" on Amazon, then you could be intimidated by the sheer variety of models available. Do not get discouraged! With just a little research and the following three tips, you will have the ability to find the ergonomic chair that is great for your requirements.

Tip 1: You'll find four primary Kinds of ergonomic chairs

Here are the four Kinds of ergonomic chairs:

Ergonomic desk chairs: these chairs have a similar kind to conventional desk chairs, but with two Important differences: (1) they are highly flexible and (2) they frequently have improved back and lumbar support
Ball chairs: these chairs consist of a exercise ball (also Called a "swiss ball" or "equilibrium ball") supported with a chair-like foundation
Kneeling chairs: these chairs consist of a break for your chair plus a break to the shins, hence allowing you to sit with your thighs dropped to an angle of approximately 70 degrees from vertical (compared to 90 degrees)
Saddle chairs: as the name implies, these stool-like chairs are designed to be straddled as you would a saddle for a horse
Tip 2: You do not always get what you pay for

An infamous example is the chair, which costs ~$900 and is now a sign of times of the 1990s dot-com bubble.

The identical principle applies for different kinds of ergonomic chairs too. By way of instance, exercise ball chairs may cost up to $150 full-price (watch the Aeromat Ball Chair Deluxe), however Amazon customers speed a $80 model significantly higher (watch the Giaim Balance Ball Chair).

Tip 3: Know exactly what the pros are saying

Not all ergonomic chairs have been created - in reality, health benefits may vary a lot between chair models. If you are aware of what the pros are saying, you can distinguish the truth.

As an instance, scientists disagree about health benefits of using a kneeling chair. An early analysis of this original kneeling chair by Drury and Francher (1985) discovered that the design was "no greater than conventional chairs and might be worse than well-designed conventional office chairs."

The health benefits of this expensive Aeron Chair (mentioned previously) have also been questioned. In a 2010 Business Week article titled "Your Own Office Chair is Killing You", Danish ergonomics pro Dr. A. C. Mandal criticized parts of this chair's design, like the height adjustment options. In the article, the original designer of the Aeron chair, Don Chadwick, admits that he wasn't hired to design the ideal chair for its eight-hour workday, but instead update the design of their provider's previous bestseller.

What next?

There are resources for this kind of information about the internet. Search for sites which are dedicated to reviewing a particular group of chair - these will often include useful how-to articles . But, beware of sites which might include misleading information. It is possible to identify these sites by their badly written articles, prosperity of advertisements, or unattractive design.

As final note, remember that ergonomics is not about buyinga new nilkamal chairs . Continue to improve your ergonomics and benefit from relief from pain, improved posture, and also a heart.

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